Race Week: Excitement and Concerns

So this is it.  It is race week.  A first of many things to come.  All of which will provide more material for me to post about in the near future.  This upcoming Saturday, I travel to Napa CA for the first race of the season.  HITS Napa 70.3.  I am very excited, but also very nervous.

Traveling for a race, at least to this extent (VA to CA) is a first.  As a result, last Thursday, March 31, I packed up, and mailed my bike to Sacramento CA where I will be staying for this race.  With BikeFlights.com I was able to ship my bike via FedEx ground for about $150 round trip. Another first for me, and an extremely nerve-wracking experience.  We will find out this Friday how it turns out when I pick up my bike from the local Sacramento FedEx.  Hopefully all goes well because I will lose it if my bike is not ok.

The reason I chose this race was because my wife has family in CA, and we have made a trip to visit around this time for the last few years.  So not only a chance to race, but also a chance to show the new/extended family a little more about myself, and what I am passionate about.  It will be their first time seeing me compete, and their first triathlon race overall, so hopefully the experience goes well for everyone.

First race with a wetsuit for me, and this is a big worry.  I have swam about 5 times in the wetsuit, but a fit is still something I am working to figure out.  Shoulder fatigue in the wetsuit is a killer at the moment so getting this thing figured out is probably my biggest concern.  Swimming is by no means my strength, so having a wetsuit and its benefits is a big plus.  These benefits won’t be a factor if my shoulders are dead after 500m of swimming in a half distance race.

The weather will also be a major factor.  It is predicted a high of 60 degrees air temp, 60 degrees water temp, and 40% chance of rain.  This is going to be awesome, and really suck at the same time.

All in all, like every race, their are concerns along with the excitement.  I feel very prepared, from a physical standpoint considering I have been training for a full distance race but their are many things that you cannot prepare for when it comes to triathlons.   Only time will tell how everything plays out.


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