One Month Out

So today marks one month from race day. April 8 is HITS Napa Valley 70.3. This will be my second half distance race and I’m looking to PR in a big way. Since I’ve been training for a full, I feel the half shouldn’t be too difficult a challenge from the distance perspective. As long as I can keep up the intensity I should be fine. 

My last time was 6hr 59min of straight hell!!!! Prior, I had never swam more than 1500m biked more than 50mi or ran more than 9mi. 

I’m anticipating a low 6hr race and aiming for a sub 6hr with the following splits 

  • Swim 32min
  • Bike 3hr
  • Run 2hr 15min

I think the difficult part here will be keeping the intensity up on the bike. I know that I can maintain 16mph for 100mi on a daily basis so keeping the intensity for half of that will be a challenge. 

I’ve swam in a pool 3000yds at 2min/100yds pace so I feel I’m prepared for the swim. This will also be my first race with a wetsuit which will be a huge plus. 

In my last race, I cramped off the bike and completely died the whole run. Couldn’t run half a mile before I cramped. Since, I’ve worked on my preparation as well as my race day fuel. I’ll be racing with tailwind nutrition so the combination of electrolytes and carbs in liquid form have been a great plus. 

All in all I feel prepared. This is only half way to the ultimate goal of a full Ironman later this year. Just a few more hard efforts left and the taper begins. 



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