Update: March Madness 2 months in

I always see people posting their weekly, monthly, and yearly stats.  “100miles ran this month” and so on.  I figured what a great way to set some general long term goals, and keep my commitment up.  So in January, I decided to do just that.  Three goals for the year:

  • Run 1,000miles
  • Bike 2,000miles
  • Swim 100,000yards

So far, all things considered, I am doing pretty well.  Here are the distances as of March 1:

  • Run 28miles
  • Bike 83miles
  • Swim 19,600yards

So all things considered is the key term here.  I knew things would start off slow because its winter in VA, and I try to avoid the outside cold.  I also have 4hrs of cycling time that was done on a trainer that doesn’t record distance.  I have since graduated from spin class to Zwift which is a great experience.  I also missed about 10 days of training for my wedding/honeymoon, and was forced to take 3 weeks off from running due to a foot injury.

As it sits, I need to average the following to meet my goals:

  • Run 98miles
  • Bike 195miles
  • Swim 8050yards

Not too shabby.  I think the running will definitely be the most difficult.  25miles a week for a year is a tough task.  Either way, Im up for the challenge.  Sub 4hr marathon means a new tri bike (another goal I’ve set) so I guess thats just a little more motivation.


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