Bike Wreck….At Least I Remembered To Pause My Garmin

So here I was…minding my own business trying to enjoy a 77degree day on a bike ride at the beach. Intending on riding 40mi on an out and back route that I planned on riding twice. A route that I have ridden multiple times starting with the first 5 miles along the road with a bike shoulder and not too much traffic And the next 5 miles along the ocean strip with a good amount of people around depending on the weather but a designated share the road cyclist area. That’s the out. So 10 miles out 10 miles back and that’s one loop. 

Anywho here I am riding about 22mph with the wind in my favor. I’m on my tri bike so I’m aero bars and everything. Mile 13, and about 15 ft ahead of me a man crossed the street without looking my way to see for traffic. Behind him is his wife/mother (I am unsure but she is an older lady) who follows him to cross the steeet. 

Now, 15ft goes very quickly at 22mph so in the split seconds that I had I remember yelling “no no no no” standing up, hitting my breaks and trying to squeeze in between the two pedestrians. I would have been successful and avoided a collision if one thing hadn’t of take place. For reasons unknown to me, the older lady saw me, and instead of stopping in her tracks or stepping back towards the sidewalk, she took three quick steps forward closing the only gap that I had to attempt to avoid a collision. 

I slammed my breaks, locked my front wheel, un clipped my feet, and somehow managed to get my bike to stop just shy of the older lady, while my body flew over her. Unfortunately, I struck her in the head with my arm knocking her to the ground, but things could have been much worse. 

Afterwards, she was very apologetic, and while I personally was beyond upset for the lack of awareness while crossing the street, nobody was truly hurt, and people matter most. She got up, we shared some words, she was concerned for my well being and my bike, and I was concerned for hers.  Ultimately she walked down the street with the man who was with her back to her hotel and I continued my bike ride calling it short at 20mi. 

Aside from a few scratches and bruises, the only true “damage” is that the incident knocked my rear wheel to become completely out of true. Nobody was seriously injured, and I even remembered to pause my garmin. 

Stay safe on the roads everyone. You never know what life may throw your way. 


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