Addiction step 1: admitting you have a problem…

That’s right. I have a problem. As many many others do as well, I am addicted to triathlons. It has completely taken over my life. As it should, I mean come on how many people are crazy enough to take on a 16hour race that is an Ironman?  Well actually you would be surprised to know that their are several thousand crazies who are addicted just as I am.  Comforting  isn’t it?  And when you have committed to such an event, it really does have to take over your life.  And if it doesn’t have to, it will anyway. That’s just the nature of the beast.  
My addiction really manifests itself in about  5 main ways. 

  • Impulse buying: always a new trinket or gadget to buy. It starts with the main items like a bike and running shoes and then you need the small things like new elastic shoe laces that will save you 30seconds in transition from not having to tie your shoes. 
  • Everything Aero: ever see those ppl driving with their hand out the window playing in the wind? Well that’s me only I’m not playing in the wind…instead I’m trying to find out what hand position is the most aerodynamic and how I can translate that to cycling. 
  • Never too sexy: let’s face it most people aren’t ok walking around in tights. Nobody really wants to walk around in public wearing peter pans outfit. Not a triathlete. Every training day is a new time to show how comfortable you are wearing the tightest clothes. I’m the guy walking around Walmart grocery shopping in his bike shorts because he just finished his Sunday morning ride. 
  • Everything has a schedule: training plans are meticulous. An average bike session consists of a total time for the workout broken down into intervals for rest, heart rate zones, and power efforts. And that’s exactly how every day is planned. I can tell you when I get up and how long it should take every event of the day until I am back sleeping. 
  • Everything is a race: swimming next to me in the pool? Yup we’re racing. Got our food at the same time at a restaurant? Yup we’re racing. Got to the self check out at the same time? Yup we’re racing.  I even consider waking up early a race against the sun. And guess whose winning? Yup. Not me. 

Triathlon takes over your life whether you want it to or not. That whole “all things are good in moderation” goes completely out the window. The term total immersion doesn’t just refer to the swimming. Sometimes you just have to grab things by the aero bars and mash the pedals. 


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