Back at it Again

It has been such a long time since my last post and much has changed. I’ll try to sum it up as best as possible as quick as possible. 

THE LIFE: Well I got married!!! January 7 2017 (1717) marks the most significant day of my life thus far. We tied the knot in Miami FL on the Carnival Glory (cruise ship) and had 30 family and friends join us for our 7 day honeymoon to the Caribbean. What an experience!!! Love is good. 

THE RACE: I am officially registered and preparing for the first race of the season. HITS Napa Valley CA 70.3!!! I haven’t done a race since I believe July 2016 so this will surely be a refresher. It is also only my second half distance so a PR is a must, but most importantly, this is a tester for my intended full IM later this year. April 8 is right around the corner. 

THE TEAM:  So back in August I got the opportunity to participate in something great. August 8 2016 I met up with Jeff Fairbanks of The Triumph Project. Jeff set on an amazing journey to complete 21 half Ironman distances in 21 days traveling from Maine to Florida. I only did half the swim and rode about 25miles of day 13 but I was able to create a friendship that has opened many doors for me. Since then I have become an ambassador for Love The Pain, and joined Mojo Racing Team. Together, they have sparked an amount of motivation and dedication to the sport of triathlon that I have not yet been able to reach.  Much more about them to come. 

THE INJURY:  With hard work comes many setbacks. Unfortunately due to overuse (I hope) my foot is giving me some issues. I am not sure of the specifics, but it seems like tendinitis on the outside of my right foot. Almost under the ankle. Luckily this is a rest week for me so hopefully rest and ice will do me good. I’ve got 25 miles to log next week so it’s either put up or shut up. I did join Love The Pain for a reason right?

Anyway this pretty much sums up things for me right now. Very excited for how things are going, and the progress that I have made. Hopefully I can continue to progress in all areas. 


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