Ironman Training Weeks 1-4: A recap. 

So training for an Ironman is very simple believe it or not. You download a plan online and you follow it. Three swims, three bikes, and three runs per week. Not hard at all. I mean what’s a little blood sweat and tears right??

The first four weeks have gone over pretty smoothly. The only real problems have been a bit of runners knee (embrace it) and doing my weekly long bike rides (hurricane/rainy season). Other than that no problemo. 

I have a found real enjoyment for swimming which has always been a struggle for me. But now the weekly 1200meter swims arent too bad. Actually quite soothing. I’m really excited to get up to mile long swims. 

I have also learned the difference between running a one mile loop seven times and running a seven mile loop once. The more loops the more pain. And not the good loving hard working pain. The pain that makes you want to give up…for good…no Ironman…just watch the movie Ironman instead…

Anyway week four is technically a “recovery” week. Basically what that means is this week I dial it back about 30%. In training, every week you increase volume and intensity about 10%. On the fourth week you “recover” at about 30% less volume. This helps with muscle recovery, injury prevention, and a bunch of other things i wont bore you with. 

I am not too good with recovery, so my 6mile easy long run turned into a 10mile hard effort which I averaged 9min per mile (a personal PR for distance and time).  Quite happy with myself to be honest. Even if getting out of bed in 5 hours is going to be a bit rough. 

All in all, so far so good. I am extremely motivated to get back going with progress for the incoming weeks. It sucks, but sometimes you just have to Love The Pain. 


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