Frozen Yogurt: The Triathletes Delight 

A healthy diet doesn’t exactly call for French fries or ice cream (my weakness) but I can probably eat as much frozen yogurt as I can handle. And again this isn’t sweet frog or cold stone here. This is the fat free strawberry banana Yoplait. Throw it in the freezer, use your imagination, and call it ice cream. 
During an Ironman, an athlete can burn through 8000 calories. Yup 8000 calories. That’s 4 times the daily recommended calorie intake for a healthy diet. And that’s just during the race. 

Preparation is key and you are what you eat so I’ve started eating better ahead of time. Brown rice and grilled chicken have become the basis of every meal I eat. I walk around with a water jug. Happy hour means my fiancé drinks for the both of us.  Chipotle is a cheat meal. And if I really want to splurge, I’ll have a coke. 

Sometimes it really sucks. But at least I can have frozen yogurt and pretend it’s ice cream. 


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