Ironman Training Day 1: Just the beginning

Its one thing to set the goal, thats the easy part.  Even the planning, as complicated as you make it, is fairly simple.  The hard part is the work.  Doing the Ironman won’t be too difficult given my body holds up and is properly prepared.  Its one day of suffering.  It can only be so bad.  The part that actually sucks is the preparing.  Early morning swims, late night runs.  Hell, I have to drive 25mins just to get to the pool at 6am and give myself enough time to swim 2 miles before I go to work.  Or even worse, before the old people take over the swim lanes to walk and socialize. (you know exactly what I’m talking about)

The three flights of stairs to walk the puppy (Livvi) will feel like a mountain.  A cheat meal will consist of pancakes and frozen yogurt (not the stuff at cold stone actual frozen strawberry banana yoplait).  A movie with the finance (Darian) will be her on the couch and me on the trainer.  On an average week, my training will consist of more miles than most peoples commutes to work.  This will be the hard part.

Today it became a reality.  1000meter swim and a 40min interval bike ride.  COMPLETE. Easy!!!  In 6hrs when I wake up, it will be a 5mile run.  Their is no turning back now.  This is just the beginning.


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