I want to be an Ironman

For a while now I have felt incomplete.  Not in a depressing sense but just in regards to a feeling that something was not finished.  A task needed to be addressed, and a plan put in to play.  I attributed this to normal “adulting”.  Finances, work, relationships, all that good stuff.  I don’t know how it came about, what I was doing, or even when I figured it out, but sometime in the past two weeks it hit me.


You see I’m all about progress.  Doing better today than I did yesterday.  Setting a goal, and achieving it.  And if failure comes, I will do better the next time.  And by do better I mean BETTER.  Earlier this week I went on a 4 mile easy run that was stopped short at 3 miles due to some knee pain.  So, two days later, to make up for my “failure” I rode the indoor trainer for 30mins and then ran 4.5 miles just to show I’m capable.  Now this isn’t a significant accomplishment being so short a distance compared to an Ironman, but the method behind the madness is there.  This is how my mind works.  I am constantly competing and trying to “one up” myself

In May 2015, I attempted and completed Ironman 70.3 Eagleman.  BARELY.  Half a mile into the run my legs were completely gone.  I ended up walking about 90% of the run portion and finished with a significantly higher time than I anticipated.  13min average run pace is a big disappointment in terms of my goals and expectations.

To make up for it, I plan on competing in an Ironman around October/November 2017.  So on Sunday September 18 I will begin the Super Simple Ironman Training Plan adjusted to my schedule of course.  This blog is my way of sharing the journey.


2 thoughts on “I want to be an Ironman

  1. Good luck, I did my first this year and it was incredible. Would really recommend it. However, don’t injure yourself in training, best advice I could give would be to listen to your body and learn when to recover.


    • I appreciate the advice. For better or worse due to my work schedule and other obligations I will likely miss a few workouts. Hopefully that will aid in not overworking myself into injury.


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